Monument Types

When completing our online quote form, designing a headstone on our website or speaking to us on the phone, you will be asked about what type of memorial you are interested in. (Certain cemeteries in the greater Baton Rouge area have restrictions, and you can read about them here.)

 We have compiled this article to help you better understand the main options you have when choosing a monument type, so you can make an informed choice.

 Please note that you are not limited by these options, and you can design a custom monument that uniquely memorializes your loved one, by contacting us at or 225- 302- 7515.

Upright Monuments

Designed to stand straight up perpendicular to level ground.
Typically, they consist of 2 main pieces.
The engraved marker portion is known as a die or tablet. Most are usually 6″ or 8″ thick.
The horizontal portion is known as the base.
The larger size allows for more personalized expression and room for engraving.
Scenic designs and the family name are popular additions on the back.
Flower vases are a common option and can be added on one or both ends.
There are a wide variety of tops and ends available. However, if you want a memorial with tops and ends that are different or unusual, those designs will usually be more expensive.

    Slant Monuments


    Upright slant shape. The thickness identified during ordering is the thickness of the base.
    The top is usually 2 inches thick.
    The top can be flat, oval, or serpentine shaped.
    A standard 2 inch to 4 inch nosing is recommended. This protects the polished etched surface.
    A base is optional and usually not required.
    May be used for individual or companion.

      Flat Markers

      Also called Grass or Flush markers.
      Designed to lie flat at lawn level.
      All are a minimum of 4 inches thick.
      Typically all straight without angled surfaces.
      May be used for individual or ordered double width for a companion.

      Bevel Markers

      Often called a Pillow Marker or Hickey.
      Slight bevel slant from back to front of marker.
      The back is typically 2″ taller than the front to provide this bevel effect
      May be used for individual or companion.
      Usually 6″ or 8″ thick, however, thicker markers are available.

      Bronze Markers

      Bronze markers are typically rectangular, with the average size being anywhere from 24” x 12” to 44” x 14”.
      Generally, 24” x 12” markers are used for individuals, while 44” x 14” markers are used for multiple people.
      Bronze grave markers are typically ordered with a basic 4 inch thick granite base affixed to bronze plaques