In-ground Vases

Memorial parks are cemeteries that require 4 inch flat markers that are flush with the ground. Sometimes the markers are required to be granite, or bronze mounted on granite. Memorial parks require vases that are metal and embedded in the marker.

Grant Memorials offers metal vases which are strong as well as beautiful. There is a choice of bronze or aluminum in a variety of designs and sizes. Below you can see a few images from vases in our collection, and some examples on real markers. Available colors include metallic (bronze, gold, silver), grey, black and also painted in any color of your choosing. 

All of our vases can be securely mounted to any monument in any cemetery, including ones that are not a memorial park. Because these vases are custom-made for each monument, they are not available for online purchase through our monument builder. If you are interested in adding an in-ground vase to your monument, please call us at 225-302-7515.