Diamond-etched Markers and Monuments

Diamond etched headstones are timeless and provide a luxurious finish to a grave. Diamond etching gives you the opportunity to embellish customized lettering, symbols and images onto black granite. It is a new, cutting-edge technology, requiring artistry and attention to detail. This process can be done on a flat grave marker or upright monument. Here at Grant Memorials, we manufacture our markers on site. The polished granite is hit with a sharp diamond, creating a bright engraving. Unlike the laser engraved monuments that other providers use, our diamond-etched headstones will withstand exposure to UV light, temperature changes and the elements, and will never fade away.

Once you are ready to place your order with us, we will walk you through the process of creating your unique memorial for your loved one. We work with some of the most talented artists in the industry to prepare the images you send us for engraving. The artists edit your images them to make sure they look great on the granite, adding stylish text and carefully selecting accents and embellishments. The end result is always classy, unique and expressive. The stones speak for themselves, take a look at some of the markers and monuments we have created here at Grant Memorials. 

If you want a beautiful and expressive way to memorialize your loved one, please contact us at on our website, call us at 225-302-7515, email us at info@grantmemorials.com, or get a quote here. We serve Port Allen, the Greater Baton Rouge Area and surrounding areas.