COVID-19 Update (March)

PLEASE NOTE that due to the problems caused by the end of 2020 to world shipping by COVID-19 we – like many US manufacturers – are experiencing severe delays in receiving raw materials from India and China. The stone will arrive but the shipping delays are adding weeks to the normal timescale and shippers are substantially increasing their charges. We have no control over this, but where possible we continue to prioritize the manufacture and installation of older orders first. Please check with us regarding the expected time frame if you are ordering a custom stone, and if you have placed an order, rest assured we will continue updating you as we have more information.

Despite higher than normal demand for brochure packs, quotations and orders, we are very proud that we have continued to maintain our customer service and our promised turnaround for domestic stone orders. Please know that we are working very hard to respond to all your inquiries as quickly as possible.

We have expanded our availability beyond business hours by implementing text communication. You can now text us at 225-302-7515 with your questions and we will respond ASAP. 

We would like to remind you that we have made it possible to now design a headstone as well as get a quote online. Furthermore, if you want to check which stage in the production line your order is at, you can now visit and enter the order number sent to your email. If you haven’t provided a valid email address at the time of order, please contact us at and we will get you set up to be able to track your order.

We thank you for your continued understanding and patience.